The Demon Inside Us

"Demon Inside Us Part Two" is a continuing story about a group of college friends searching for a missing student. But, unfortunately, they soon discover they have awakened an inner demon.


The Demon Inside Us


"The Demon Inside Us" is a student film about a group of college friends searching for a missing student. They soon discover they have awakened an inner demon. The movie is scheduled for release on March 19, 2023.

Man's enemies are not demons, but human beings like himself.

Lao Tzu Chinese Philosopher

The Cast

The cast of "The Demon Inside Us" are comprised of Penn State students at the University Park campus.


Derrick Daniel Perez

A 21 year old  who has no recollection of who he once was. He tries to find himself while battling his inner demon.


Rachel Samanna Wilson

A 21 year old who is struggling through life.  She searches for her best friend Derrick and find her purpose once more.


Therapist Regine Torres

Guided Rachel and Derrick, but fails at helping them. Has thoughts of quitting her profession until she crosses paths with Dawn.


Adam Tim Hauge

A 21 year old who appears in Derricks’s hallucinations with Scarlett. Serves as the devil on the shoulder.


Pete Justin Roldán

A 20-year-old who is Mason’s best friend  until Mason kisses his girlfriend Luna. He is very insecure, doubting Luna’s loyalty to him.


Oliver Connor Grazmick

a 20 year old that believes in extraterrestrials, demons and helps his friend Rachel through her tough times. 


Dawn Tina Nakata

A 20-year-old who tries to go through life at her speed, but soon realizes that things
aren’t working out her way on her path.


Luna Kylee Waller

A 19 year old who doesn’t know what she wants in life. Her ambition to try new things conflicts with her friendships.

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